Philosophy of Logic

Edited by: Dale Jacquette (Pennsylvania State University)

Series: Blackwell Philosophy Anthologies



Introduction: Logic and Philosophy of Logic: Dale Jacquette.

Part I: Classical Logic:

  1. The Laws of Logic: Arthur Pap.
  2. Russell’s Mathematical Logic: Kurt Gödel.
  3. Which Logic is the Right Logic?: Leslie H. Tharp.
  4. What Can Logic Do For Philosophy?: Karl Popper.

Part II: Truth, Propositions and Meaning:

  1. Truth and Meaning: Donald Davidson.
  2. Outline of a Theory of Truth: Saul A. Kripke.
  3. Tarski’s Theory of Truth: Hartry Field.
  4. Types and Ontology: Fred Sommers.
  5. Propositions: George Bealer.

Part III: Quantifiers and Quantificational Theory:

  1. Logic and Existence: Czeslaw Lejewski.
  2. A Plea for Substitutional Quantification: Charles Parsons.
  3. Nominalism and the Substitutional Quantifier: Ruth Barcan Marcus.
  4. Interpretations of Quantifiers: Thomas Baldwin.
  5. Language Games for Quantifiers: Jaakko Hintikka.

Part IV: Validity, Inference and Entailment:

  1. Bolzano’s Concept of Consequence: Rolf George.
  2. On the Concept of Logical Consequence: Alfred Tarski.
  3. The Pure Calculus of Entailment: Alan Ross Anderson and Nuel D. Belnap, Jr.
  4. Formal and Material Consequence: Stephen Read.
  5. Tarski on Truth and Logical Consequence: John Etchemendy.

Part V Modality, Intensionality and Propositional Attitude:

  1. What are Possible Worlds?: John E. Nolt.
  2. Quantifiers and Propositional Attitudes: W.V.O. Quine.
  3. Counterpart Theory and Quantified Modal Logic: David Lewis.
  4. Interpretation of Quantifiers: Dagfinn Follesdal.
  5. A Backward Look at Quine’s Animadversions on Modalities: Ruth Barcan Marcus.
  6. Quantifying In: David Kaplan.
  7. Substitutivity and the Coherence of Quantifying In: Graeme Forbes.
  8. The Intensionality of Ontological Commitment: Michael Jubien.



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